Last month, I completed another working to contact my Holy Guardian Angel. The ritual I employed was from the Ars Paulina – Book III of the Lesser Key of Solomon, or Lemegeton. 

In the Ars Paulina each individual’s Holy Guardian Angel is assigned according to which natal sign was rising at their birth, and in which degree. 

By this method I invoked Vabiel, the angel assigned to the 14th degree of Taurus. I achieved communication with the Angel, with a sample of its message included below.


The Angel speaks:

“The quest for the spiritual is as old as humanity. From the moment you were apes no longer, you looked to the stars in wonder. The rocks and the trees spoke to you. And you felt the love of your dead even after they had passed. You perceived not only what was before you, but the forms which lay behind. You sought not only subsistence, but from you, culture was born.

The spiritual impulse is an indelible feature of sentient human nature.

When you first rose above your primal animal nature, it was like a babe taking its first breath. The world your species was born into was overwhelming. That consciousness came on like a Holy Terror. For, where before your self-awareness gestated in simian atavism, now you had burst forth to become part of a world: the world of sentient awareness.

Spirituality is an effect of your connection with the universe. In spirituality, that connection is felt to the highest possible degree. As such, spirituality leads to the contemplation of Divinity in the universe.


But as the first shaman gazed up to the vision of the Creator, so did they also see the spirits of nature surrounding it. There is a Great Divine Truth behind All things. At the same time, there is a Divine Truth behind each thing. Thus, in spirituality, one glimpses the higher nature of a great many things.

All this one sees through the eyes of the Divine. By spiritual practise the seeker arrives at what you now call the super-conscious state. Such a state is itself closer to the Divine than ordinary consciousness.

Human consciousness is like the Sun, and the light it emits is the Light of Divinity. The Light of the Sun comes from the One Light at the beginning of the known universe. That light may be seen in the solar flare. Yet the flares are fleeting. They ignite then pass away again. They are as the mind-stuff of the limited self. The flares are myriad, and they all appear to eject from a different source. Yet, each flare owes its existence to the Sun’s combustion. To truly understand the source of the Light of the Sun, one must penetrate into its very core”.


“The depth of human consciousness is like the depths of the ocean. It is vast and dark. The creatures that dwell there are strange. For one who has seen only the fish in the shallow waters, such creatures defy description.

To find the spiritual, one must navigate the depths of the mind. Much that you find there is a wonder.

When the Light of the Divine flashes forth, it reveals that which is beyond normal understanding. Your mind has no language to describe it. Therefore, it has invented a language; the language of myth and symbol. How much do you now write that is in metaphor? How much do you invoke me as an Angel, and so turn me into an absurdity?


The human mind is as a heart monitor, measuring the heartbeat of the Divine. By its design, it conveys information only as a green line. A heartbeat is so much more than this, yet it is better that we are able to detect a living pulse in this fashion than not at all.

Therefore, do not shirk your love for fantasy-stories. Rejoice in your myths, heroines and heroes! Thereby is life augmented into a more exciting journey. Your modern culture has turned the rational aspect of your nature into a fetish. Yet, a bird cannot fly with a single wing. But do not mistake one wing for another; a myth is not empirical fact, but ever a myth”.


“Though the human race may gaze at the face of the Divine, it is easy for Divinity to not be recognised. For, when we first saw the Divine it appeared with a mask. That mask is the mask of the gods. Yet the mask kept changing and as it changed, humanity grew suspicious. Some now say the mask covers nothing. But there truly is a face there, and as we grow in wisdom we will grow worthy to see it. The Divine is as a beloved you have courted at a masquerade. Therefore, let your feelings be true. For only then shall the beloved open their heart to you, and only then shall the beloved’s face become known to you”.


(19 May, 2017 e.v.)


ars paulina fixed





Modern occult folklore tells of a magickal working of truly titanic proportions. Known as the Enochian Apocalypse Working, it was first suggested by Donald Tyson and is based in the much earlier, channelled works of John Dee and Edward Kelley. Much of Tyson’s claims about the result and true purpose of the working are speculative. However, his core argument is quite correct: In their divinatory communications with the mysterious Enochian angels, the Elizabethan magicians Dee and Kelley were given a means by which to magickally trigger the Apocalypse of Revelation. This magickal ritual centred around the consecutive opening of forty-nines Gates of Heaven. The means to do this was given to Dee and Kelley as a series of invocations known as Calls.

In 2014, I made the ambitious decision to complete this monumental ritual myself. I carried out the Enochian Apocalypse Working from December 16th, 2014 to February 2nd, 2015. My work began only after I had received the final, missing Enochian Call that was required to open the last of the Gates. I am the first magician in history to invoke all forty-nine Calls consecutively. Therefore, I am also the first to have completed the Apocalypse Working proper. This article details my research and practice regarding that ritual.


Background and origin of the Apocalypse Working

The existence of the Enochian Apocalypse Working can be pieced together like a puzzle by referring back to the angels’ initial communications with Dee and Kelley. The angels speak several times of the Coming of the End. For the angels, the opening of the 49 Gates was an important prelude to these End Times unfolding.[i]

This great opening of the Gates would be achieved with the aid of a new “Holy Book” – Loagaeth. The Book of Loagaeth (which means ‘speech from God’) was compiled by Dee and Kelley upon the instructions of the angels. It consists of 49 Tables; one corresponding to each Gate. Loagaeth was said to contain every secret of the Universe, including how to open the Gates of Heaven. The Tables consisted of nothing more than a series of random letters in sequence. However, Dee and Kelley extracted these secrets from the Tables with further divination of the Angels. The result was the generation of the Calls from the Tables. These Calls would in turn open the Gates of Heaven. So it was that by the Holy Book of Loagaeth being received, the means for opening the Gates was placed in the midst of humanity.


Fig 1: The scroll with seven seals as it appears in the alchemical manuscripts of the past.

The angels state that the revealing of the secrets of Loagaeth – that is the opening of the 49 Gates – would be an important herald for the Apocalypse; the angels use the analogy of threshers of wheat in a barn to describe the Last Judgement, with Loagaeth acting as the ‘instrument’ of that threshing.[ii] There have also been convincing suggestions that Loagaeth represents the scroll with seven seals mentioned in Revelation Chapter 5.[iii] As with Loagaeth, the opening of this book’s secrets is a sign of the Apocalypse.

But Loagaeth has another, more essential role; it is a new Holy Book, and once it is put to use it will reveal a new sacred teaching to the magician. This teaching may spiritually restore the world.[iv] Indeed, Aleister Crowley’s opening of 30 of these Gates resulted in the writing of The Vision and the Voice, which is almost considered a Holy Book in its own right by Thelemites. But the reception of the message of Loagaeth would only reach its climax upon the opening of the final Gate, whereby the magician finds themselves “speaking with God, as Moses did”.[v]

Yet in this same sentence is revealed the greatest obstacle to the opening of the 49 Gates; the 49th Gate must itself be opened. No such Call to open the 49th Gate was ever given, however. The implication is that the angels were holding back crucial information on the opening of all 49 Gates until the appointed time. That is, the time of the Apocalypse and the return of the Logos.[vi] Dee and Kelley were refused the secrets of the final Gate.[vii] They were not told there was no such information, implying that there was but it was merely forbidden. One may assume that the methods for uncovering the Call for opening the mysteries of this final Gate are much the same as for the other 48 Gates. And upon receiving that final Call, it becomes possible to open the 49 Gates and complete the Apocalypse Working.

I boldly decided that I would uncover this missing Call myself, guided by the ritual used by Dee and Kelley for the reception of the other 48 Calls. The details regarding how I achieved this are outlined in my article, Discovering the Lost Enochian Key. Upon achieving it, I set to work in conducting the whole Apocalypse Working.


Carrying out the Apocalypse Working

Its roots in the work of Dee and Kelley

The name which the Enochian angels give to the Apocalypse Working is Gebofal. There is little we can be certain of regarding the actual Gebofal ritual, except that it involves the opening of one Gate per day for forty-nine days,[viii] and that the highest Gate is to be opened last.[ix] The primary source material giving details about exactly how Gebofal is to be performed is unfortunately very scant. Luckily, there is later scholarship and innovation by other researchers and occultists that makes such a construction easier. It is this which guided me as I formulated a means by which the Apocalypse Working may be fulfilled.

The Enochian universe

The forty-nine-level realm of the angels is the magickal environment in which the Enochian system operates. This system originated with Dee and Kelley, with elements of it being expanded later by the Order of the Golden Dawn. Each of the Enochian levels is entered by opening one of the forty-nine Enochian Gates. The lowest eighteen of these are the sixteen Gates of the four elemental Watchtowers, together with two Gates of Spirit. The sixteen elemental Gates are based on the traditional four elements, but each with further elemental subdivisions (fire of earth, fire of water etc). Above this set of eighteen Gates lie the next thirty; those of the Aethyrs. These are Heavenly realms placed one atop the other, in concentric circles moving outward from the earth. Each Aethyr represents different spiritual energies. At the very top of the system there is one more Gate; the mysterious Gate that opens to the very Highest of Heavens. We know very little about it, but we do know that the Enochian angels forbade Dee and Kelley the right to open it. Accordingly, they were never given a Call by which opening it might be achieved. This is the missing Gate of the Enochian system. It is also the final and ultimate Gate.


Ritual structure of the Working

I used the same essential Enochian tools I had used during my ritual to receive the forty-ninth call, but there were additional tools needed during the first eighteen days of the Woking, when I was reciting the elemental Calls below the Aethyrs. This will be explained later.

In my ritual, I incorporated aspects of a reconstructed Gebofal as detailed by Aaron Leitch. For the opening of the Thirty Aethyrs, as well as the final Gate above them which is opened by the missing Key, I recited John Dees’ Prayer of Enoch before each invocation. Leitch specifies that this prayer is to be used before reciting the Calls during the forty-nine days of the Gebofal ritual.[x] I did not, however, use this prayer during the first eighteen days, as the technique I was using already included extensive appeals to the Divine before the Calls were to be read. These benedictions incorporated the Golden Dawn system of Enochian magick.

Gebofal also requires the magician undergo nine days of ritual purification through daily prayer before the working itself is begun.[xi] This was how I chose to lead up to the performance of the Enochian Apocalypse Working.

The one aspect of the reconstructed Gebofal I most explicitly did not adopt was the order in which the Calls were to be read. I instead constructed my own logical sequence in which the Gates were to be opened; I opted for the trajectory adopted by Crowley in his very effective working of the Thirty Aethyrs. That is, I started with the very lowest Call in the system and worked my way to the top. It is noteworthy that in the reconstructed Gebofal, the opening of the final Gate is a passive affair; it is not the work of the magicians but, it would appear, the grace of God. But on the 49th day of my working I would be anything but passive, instead reading aloud the missing Call to push open the ultimate Gate.

The first eighteen days were for reciting the lower Calls residing below the Aethyrs: The calls opening the elemental Watchtowers, plus the two calls opening the Table of Union, which is of Spirit. For these days of the ritual, I used the method outlined in Liber LXXXIV vel Chanokh. In addition to the usual Enochian regalia, certain other tools were required depending on the elemental attribution of the particular Watchtower being opened. Each individual Watchtower was itself a permanent feature of the temple during the first eighteen days. The tables of the four Watchtowers were placed at their respective cardinal points. The direction faced on any given day of these Calls would be the same as its Watchtower. The Table of Union was also present at the centre of the room.

Calls Additional tool/s needed Direction to face
3rd, 7th, 8th, 9th Dagger East
4th, 10th, 11th, 12th Cup West
5th, 13th, 14th, 15th Candle, salt, censer, cup (with water) North
6th, 16th, 17th, 18th Censer South
1st, 2nd N/A East


I conducted the opening of the Watchtowers and Table of Union in reverse order. This meant that I started with the Call attributed to the earth subquadrant of fire, working my way through the other subquadrants in order. The four Calls attributed to the pure nature of their element came next, and finally the two Calls of Spirit. For the purposes of the working, I considered the first Call to represent spirit in its passive aspect, while the second Call represented spirit in the active.

Following this sequence of lower Calls was the opening of the Thirty Aethyrs. I did this in an ascending fashion from the lowest Aethyr of TEX up to the very highest Aethyr of LIL. It was after opening LIL, on the last of the 49 days of the Working, that I used the 49th Key to open the final Gate of the Enochian Apocalypse.


Calling forth the Enochian spirits

During each day of the Enochian Apocalypse Working, I did not just recite the necessary Call. I also invoked the key Enochian spirits that presided over the particular part of the Enochian universe I was opening. I did this in order for them to aid me in the Working, and to assist in carrying the energies of the Working out into our world. I felt the operation would not be complete without me doing this.

Some of these godnames were already used in Liber Chanokh, the text detailing the Golden Dawn method of invoking the Watchtowers. I included these godnames in my own invocations, but added further relevant holy names attributed to the subquadrants. When I came to the Aethyrs, I not only read the Call to open the Aethyr, but also invoked the name of each Aethyr’s respective governors. I attributed the name PARAOAN to the final Call for reasons that are discussed in detail in another article, Discovering the Lost Enochian Key.

The names read out at each Gate were as follows:

Key Ruling spirits
2nd Call E, H, N, B
The Final Key PARAOAN


Scrying the gates

The main objective of the Working, however, was not centred around the spirits invoked from their given gates, but rather on the visions that were received upon entering each gate. This was achieved through scrying.

I used a similar technique to the one Crowley used during his exploration of the thirty Aethyrs, as detailed in The Vision and the Voice. The scrying crystal on the Holy Table served as a conduit to each gate, however it was only remotely involved in the scrying technique itself. Rather, I would use the crystal to establish an initial connection with the level of the Enochian universe being opened, then enter a meditative state. In this way I would be ready to receive the visions.

I conducted scrying sessions not just for the thirty Aethyrs, but also for the lower eighteen Keys and the final, 49th Key. This resulted in the compilation of visions that were painstakingly recorded in a number of journals. I have found these visions to be a profound source of wisdom and inspiration.



Over the course of the 49 days of the Working, potent spiritual forces were most definitely unleashed. At no time was this more pronounced than at the climax of the ritual. For the last day of the Calls, I was in the countryside with one Fr. Aquila and another. Coinciding with the final Call was a wildfire spreading through the nearby bushland, which caused the sky to be clouded by a haze of smoke. At the conclusion of the ritual of the final Gate the sun was setting and as it set, the sun appeared red like the colour of blood. The clouds on the horizon glowed so orange that it appeared as if the sky was on fire. Given the extremely fiery nature of the final Gate, the coincidental prevalence of smoke, fire and flame-orange cloud in the surrounding area was quite uncanny. That night, a thunderstorm tore through the area from out of nowhere. In addition, another whom we knew – and who had no knowledge of the type of ritual that had been undertaken – had a dream about an invading hoard of spirits on the same night as the ritual.

In the last two years since I completed the Working, the world has become more turbulent. Such turbulence developed so far that in popular consciousness, the year just passed became associated with the end of the world as we know it. It seems to me that the apocalyptic feeling among people now is a mass-psychological disruption of everyday reality, rather than a sign of any literal ending of the world. In any case, the destruction of the old is ever an opportunity for the creation of the new. 

In completing the Apocalypse Working I have also accomplished its primary goal; the unveiling of the sacred knowledge of Loagaeth that is accessed via the 49 Gates. During the course of the Working, I kept meticulous journals detailing the scrying session for every one of the Gates I entered. These scrying sessions took the form of vision quests that included intermittent speech from the angels of each realm. Crowley’s scryings of the Aethyrs as recorded in The Vision and the Voice unfolded in a very similar fashion.

I have compiled all the messages communicated to me by the angels of each of the 49 Gates. The result is a short book which is essentially a new book of psalms or proverbs. I have found the contents of this book very sublime. Its messages strike sharply and deeply in my soul, with several indications that its words originate from somewhere other than my own Ego. Each message, though short, contains complex and profound symbolism. Much of the symbology has been so cryptic that it has taken me several months to decipher. Yet when I do so I am astonished not only by the consistency of the underlying message, but also by the wisdom that I uncover. None of this could be achieved by a mere fluke. And of the spiritual lessons of the book that I already understand, there are several that I have yet to master; I am either a channel or a hypocrite. I am yet to grasp this new psalter’s full significance overall. If the angels’ messages to Dee and Kelley are anything to go by, it may yet be a tool for the restoration of the spiritual in the world.


A sample of writing from the final day 

“The sky has been turned red by the blood of God. The Heavens have been trespassed, and they are set ablaze! The holy inferno shall spread to consume the world in a rain of fire. None shall escape the light thereof.

It is the Apocalypse! What is the meaning of this? All is unveiled. All knowledge that lay hidden is made naked. Who can now resist the unveiling of the Truth? Who can now deny that God dwells on high no more, but lives amongst us?

You shall tremble with the fever of Divine Madness. You shall see all on that day. There is no floating wreckage of the old ways that can resist the pull of the whirlpool of Shiva. Therefore be patient, and remember well that the Word of Power is Perseverance.

Keep firm the new ways that are given, and when the storm has passed that firm Law shall be the only law. At the heart of that Law are the Mysteries. And now, here is a final mystery:


white triangle


The mind cannot comprehend the Three in One. Fall back! Leave the angels’ sight! Return ye, O Beast of the field, to your groves and open plains. In the Wild Hunt there is your communion.

The Heavens are torn asunder and the thunders of the High Places roar forth. The lightning flashes so bright as to leave nothing unilluminated. Let there be light! Let there be light! The Earth is breached. Never again will it be the same. The Nephilim have returned and stand as giants in the deserted places, working miracles for their disciples.

You have come to dwell amongst us. Now there is no virgin path left. There is not one inch of Heaven that has not been tread. Therefore know that even the Spirit of the Logos may be yours. It may fall upon your brow as the rain. You only need to ask for this, for the mercy of Heaven is Infinite.

Therefore, fulfil your Will only. As a world unto yourself, you have your own orbit, but now that orbit circles a new star. Come back to the Earth now, for it has been renewed. Return to tend your garden, and you shall see that you tend it under a New Light”.


The Threefold Map

In the course of my journey through the 49 Gates of the Heavens in the Enochian system, I received much spiritual knowledge. One remarkable thing that was also imparted to me was a new syncretic map of the forces of the universe. This incorporated three existing systems into one: The first of these is the ten spheres or sephirah of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, plus the 22 paths connecting the sephirah together. The second system is the Tarot, which is further divided into the number cards (Aces to Tens), The Court Cards (Knights or Kings, Queens, Princes or Knights and Princesses or Pages) and the 22 Trumps, called Atus in the Thoth deck. The third system is the Enochian system; the system I was already exploring. In that system there are forty-nine Gates. As I have detailed, these are further divided into the eighteen lower Gates (for the Watchtowers of the four elements, plus Spirit as represented by the Enochian Table of Union), plus the 30 Heavenly Aethyrs above this. Finally, at the apex of the system there is the mysterious ‘missing’ Gate which the Enochian angels said practically nothing about. It represents the highest possible Heaven.

The Tarot and the Kabbalah have already been synthesised; the number cards correspond to the ten sephirah, while the 22 Trumps correspond to the Tree of Life’s 22 paths. The Court Cards are attributed to those sephirah which represent one of four letters in the fourfold name of God – the Tetragrammaton. The correspondence between the Tarot and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is quite obvious. Drawing such clear correspondences between the Enochian system and either of these other systems – letalone both together –  is a much more complex endeavour. Nevertheless, I feel I have now achieved this. This aforementioned complexity makes my incorporated system – which I call the Threefold Map – quite difficult to explain. The reader must bear with me.


The overall nature of the correspondences

The Aethyrs are complex realms with many different energies influencing the emergent experience in each. This Threefold Map is highlighting certain of these qualities. Specifically, each Aethyr has been attributed a letter and trump according to a pathworking system. It incorporates a gradation which moves from the bottom of the Tree of Life to the top (though not always in the specific order of the Kabbalistic system); the sephirah appear in order, and a path related to that sephiroth will always appear directly before or after that sephiroth – or another of its related paths – is entered.

There are undoubtedly some Aethyrs where energies of a particular Atu appear which do not correspond to the Atu actually chosen (For example, the symbol of the Wheel of Fortune appears in KHR, which is instead associated with Art Atu). However, in those situations the symbol is not experienced directly, but merely catalyses the Aethyr to yield the very next initiation the Seer is ready for, and nothing more. In some instances, for example, there is foreshadowing of godforms which the Seer will need to merge with in a later Aethyr. In such instances, the symbolism of the particular Atu may be seen as just one ‘independent’ symbol that supports and officiates the overall initiation of the Seer in that Aethyr. It is the lesson of the initiation that is most important to the Aethyr’s correspondence with the Atus or sephira. Thus is the above system of correspondence based around a central insight rendered by each Aethyr, with each sequence preceding the others in a gradational fashion. Sometimes there is a direct correspondence between the Aethyrs and the Atus or sephirah, whereas other times the Aethyr’s lesson requires intervention from an additional spiritual quality.


A summation of the synergy between the three worlds of the Threefold Map

This table of concordances thus unites the three great systems of gradual unveiling of the Divine: The Tarot, the Kabbalah and the Enochian Keys. The ascent through the Enochian universe may now be better understood through the prisms of these other blueprints. There is a definite order in their union: The Gates of the Watchtowers and the Table of Union fit perfectly into Malkuth. The elemental calls of the subquadrants also correspond perfectly to the Court Cards. Meanwhile, the Gates of Spirit below the Aethyrs relate primarily to the Tens. This correspondence places all Court Cards in Malkuth along with the Tens. The placement of the Court Cards in Malkuth is a deviation which will be discussed in greater detail later in this article.

The remaining nine sephirah correspond to the remaining nine sets of number cards. They also relate to an Aethyr with the exception of Kether, which relates primarily to the final, formerly unknown Gate. Having demonstrated the perfect correspondence between Malkuth and the first eighteen Gates of the earth’s Watchtowers below the Aethyrs, the total remaining sephirah and paths number 31. The Thirty Aethyrs with the addition of the missing final Gate, highest in the schema of Heaven, also number 31.

The Enochian worlds fit together with the Tarot and Kabbalah quite elegantly in the Threefold Map. For example, the Tenth Aethyr of ZAX is identified as the Abyss. ZAX in fact corresponds with one of the paths stretching above the Abyss; it corresponds with Cheth, which is the first path to cross the Abyss if the Kabbalah’s 32 ‘Paths of Wisdom’ are followed in ascending order. The remaining paths and sephirah sitting (at least partially) above the Abyss number exactly ten; the same number of remaining Aethyrs plus the final Gate. Similarly, the Solar Tipareth and its related paths are moved into at exactly the same point in the Aethyrs where the mysteries of the Sun are unveiled. Many more instances abound where specific symbols are repeated between the Aethyrs, the Tree of Life and the Atus precisely where such a repetition would be expected. For example, the Justice card falls within TAN, the Aethyr of Justice. Similarly ZOM, the Aethyr in which the mysteries of the Magus are revealed, corresponds to the Magus Atu.

While some of the paths evidently fit more comfortably with the Aethyrs than others, there is a definite synergy between the Kabbalah, Tarot and Enochian system. In cases where the correspondence is not as immediately obvious, a meaning which is in harmony with an analogous insight of the Tarot and the Kabbalah is soon gleaned by the careful inner eye. When this process is completed, there is no Key that does not have a card, as well as its own path or sephiroth, and no attribution that would be out of place in the overall synthesised system. Thus are the three worlds consolidated.


Additional layers of symbolism for the Watchtower Calls

As has been mentioned, if the Enochian system is matched to the Key Scale of the Tree of Life, then each of the ten sephira has been given an Aethyr along with their corresponding number cards. The two exceptions to this are Kether and Malkuth. In Kether, what would be one of the corresponding Aethyrs is simply substituted with the missing 49th Key. The case of Malkuth is considerably more complex; where most other sephirah would draw correspondence between a set of number cards and a single Aethyr, Malkuth instead has two Keys – Keys 1 and 2 from the Table of Union – as corresponding to its number cards. In addition to this, the Court Cards are all placed in Malkuth and assigned to one of sixteen elemental Gates of the Watchtowers. This is not dissimilar to the way that Kether is home to both the Aces and all Tarot Trumps (which also each have their own path) in the G.D.’s General Attribution of the Tarot.

Now, this placement of all Court Cards in Malkuth is a radical departure from the orthodox view that has the Court Cards across four different sephirah, with the essences of those cards analogous to the more refined energies of the four letters of the Tetragrammaton. In that layout, the Kings/Knights are placed in Chokmah to correspond to fiery yod, the Queens are placed in Binah to symbolise a watery heh, the Knights/Princes are attributed to airy vau in Tipareth, while the Pages/Princesses are attributed to the final, earthy heh in Malkuth.

As I developed the Threefold Map, I was painfully aware of the clash between my placement of all Court Cards in Malkuth on one hand and the traditional array on the other. Yet, I could not do other than leave all the Court Cards in earthy Malkuth; all the Watchtower Calls clearly belonged there, and these Calls in turn obviously corresponded to one Court Card each. I finally resolved this contradiction by coming to the conclusion that both placements were correct. The result is that in the Threefold Map each of the Court Cards and, by extension, the Watchtower Gates, is assigned to not one but two sephirah (with the exception of the Pages/Princesses, which instead appear in Malkuth twice over). In my integrated system, the two Gates of Spirit also have double-attributions, belonging in Kether as well as Malkuth. The reason is that a fifth letter in shin, corresponding to pure Spirit, can be placed in Kether and attributed to the Aces. This is certainly a fitting position for the Gates of Spirit relative to the Gates of the four elements below them, which are now matched to the Tetragrammaton. Also fitting is the fact that Spirit has now become both the ten and the one, beginning and end.


Further justification for this

A dual attribution is compatible with the more complex nature of the Court Cards. What’s more, it is certainly not a contradiction that the Watchtower Gates should be placed across the Tree of Life while simultaneously all being collapsed into Malkuth; the Kabbalists established that within the individual sephirah, the pattern of the whole Tree of Life is repeated again. This is especially true of Malkuth, where all of Creation is reflected anew.

It is worth noting that the decision to place the Court Cards all in Malkuth according to their correspondences with the Watchtower Calls might also prove controversial due to the sublimity of the energies of the Tetragrammaton relative to the lower Malkuth. I would answer this by saying that the addition of the Enochian system to both Tarot and the Kabbalah brings its own unique adjustments to the whole, and makes such an attribution entirely necessary. Any given magickal system will have its own correspondences that must be respected to the letter, even when these can sometimes be reflected in a seemingly irregular way when they are placed across two extra systems at once. Take any of the planets as they appear in the Tree of Life and the Tarot together, for example. Venus is situated in the lower sephiroth of Netzach. Yet because of its additional Tarot attribution, it also appears in the much loftier path between the Supernals of Chokmah and Binah. The same might be said of Mars, which as the sphere of Geburah in Kabbalah is placed firmly on the left side of the Tree. Meanwhile, Mars’s Tarot correspondences place it in between the left and right side of the Tree via the path connecting Hod and Netzach. But then we have Jupiter in Chesed, whose connecting path to Netzach is also of Jupiter. Yet despite this apparent discord, all the aforementioned planetary correspondences are the correct ones. This is a very long-winded way of pointing out that as there is method to the seeming madness of the way the planets are laid out across the Tarot and Tree of Life together, so it is with the Enochian elements.

Thus have I explained and justified the Threefold Map which integrates the Kabbalah, the Tarot and the Enochian system. These are all blueprints for Godhead, and like Godhead they are three-in-one. Now, their unity has been revealed.



Fig 2: The Threefold Map. The image of the left depicts all attributions on the Tree of Life. The image of the right shows more detailed attributions of the Court Cards and eighteen lower Keys in Malkuth 




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Picture reference


Fig 1:

This picture is derived from an alchemical manuscript from the Manly Palmer Hall collection. Accessed at the Internet Archive and contributed by the Getty Research Institute. Retrieved from


 At the end of 2014, I engaged in a bold occult endeavour. My objective was to uncover, through divination, the wording of a powerful invocation that had been theorised, but never known: the missing Enochian Call in the magickal system of John Dee and Edward Kelley. I consider my experiment a success, and now intend to make the results known. I will also divulge the entire process that brought me to the stage of revelation, as many hours of research into the elusive missing Call of Dee and Kelley were necessary before an appropriate divination ritual could be put together. That process began with nothing but a clear intent; I sought after this Call in the hope that its discovery would allow me to embark on a new visionary journey through the Enochian universe in its entirety.

A Prelude to the Enochian Apocalypse Working

My search for the missing Call must be understood as part of a larger picture. For some time, I had been planning to carry out a lengthy magickal operation known as the Enochian Apocalypse Working.

This working is highly unorthodox, both in terms of what it might achieve and whether it is even considered a possibility. Although Enochian magick hearkens back to Elizabethan times, the fully formulated idea of the Apocalypse Working is only very recent. It was first written about by Donald Tyson in his appropriately named 1996 article The Enochian Apocalypse,[i] which first appeared in the magazine, Gnosis.

The hypothetical working is derived from allusions in the work of Dee and Kelley; the angels told those two mystics of a great ritual called Gebofal, in which the 49 Gates of Heaven would be opened. The means by which these Gates could be opened was a set of invocations known as the 49 Calls or Keys. All these Calls were communicated to Dee and Kelley by the angels, except for one. This final Call was never given because the opening of all 49 Gates was associated with the ushering in of the End Times. By refusing to reveal the final Call the angels ensured the Gebofal ritual could never be completed in Dee and Kelly’s lifetime. Nor, then, could Gebofal’s apocalyptic consequences be realised. Yet the word ‘apocalypse’ merely means a revelation of knowledge. A New Aeon is upon us, and at the end of 2014 I believed the time had come for someone to finally complete the Enochian Apocalypse Working.

As far as I have been able to tell, no serious documented attempt before my own has been made to ascertain the missing Call. By extension, nobody prior to me had completed the Enochian Apocalypse Working as it was originally envisioned. To date, I have only found a record of two other attempts at the Enochian Apocalypse Working. Neither of these make use of an actual missing Call; One of these attempts merely recycles one of the existing Calls as the missing Call, simply substituting the name of an Aethyr with the word, ‘DIAC’.[ii] This word is taken from the Enochian Table of Nalvage; a part of the Enochian system which has no bearing on the Gebofal ritual as it was originally conceived.

The other attempt[iii] I discovered maintained that the final Call was simply silence.[iv] Yet, the angels were quite explicit in communicating that there were “49 voyces, or callings”.[v] From what the angels have told us, there is no reason to believe that the 49th Call is simply a period of silence. This would really amount to using no final Key at all.

I thus discovered that no serious attempt to discover the missing Enochian Call had ever been made. It was up to me to discover what that Call might be. Hungry for new occult knowledge, I embarked on an attempt to set this situation aright through the use of scientific illuminism. That is, I proceeded on the basis that with the right method, the Call could indeed be uncovered.

Discovering the ritual to receive the missing Call

My starting point was to study the reception of the other 48 Keys. I hypothesised that the method for receiving the final Call must be the same method by which the rest of the Calls were received. I conducted much research related to the early work of Dee and Kelley in order to ascertain this method.

The Tools:

In their numerous communications with Dee and Kelley, the Enochian angels specified a number of essential tools that were necessary for further communication with them:

  • The Holy Table, which is the table upon which most of the other tools are placed. This is a table on the top of which must be inscribed a special design.
  • The Sigillum Dei Aemeth. This describes a symbol to be imprinted upon five wax seals. One of these seals is large and to be placed on top of the Holy Table. The other four are smaller seals to be placed under the legs of the Holy table.
  • The Seven Ensigns of Creation are seven smaller talismans to be constructed and placed upon the Holy Table, around the large Sigillum Dei Aemeth according to certain instructions.
  • The Scrying Crystal, which is to be mounted on top of the large Sigillum Dei Aemeth.
  • The Holy Lamen to be worn on the breast of the magician.
  • The Ring of Solomon to be worn on the magician’s finger.

The Psalms:

One aspect of Enochian magick that is often forgotten is the role of prayer. This fact is highlighted by researcher John De Salvo, who draws attention to John Dee’s regular reciting of prayers, in particular Psalms. It was quite common for Dee to prepare for his angelic communications with extensive prayer in one form or another.[vi] At one stage in his diaries, Dee actually mentioned specific prayers he was reading in order to prepare for communication with the angels. That is, the “7 Psalms”, which refers to the penitential Psalms in the Bible.[vii] Given the importance Dee placed in the role of prayer, it stands to reason that these seven penitential Psalms might be used as a preliminary invocation in any Enochian scrying session. The Psalms themselves are very Christian in their content, and therefore might seem unappealing to the modern occultist. But this was the kind of spirituality Dee was familiar with and which he actually employed. The reading of the Psalms must therefore be conducted with reverence to the Work of which they are a part.

I took the elements of Enochian ritual described above to create a Working which could be used to receive the missing Call in a form true to the original methods used by Dee and Kelley. However, there was still one facet of Dee and Kelley’s method for receiving the original Calls which was still unclear to me. That is, the role played by the so-called 49 Tables, which had been dictated to Dee and Kelley during their angelic conferences. These Tables were related to the reception of the Calls in some way.

On the role of the Tables in the reception of the Calls

At this stage in my research I encountered problems in ascertaining an exact role for the Tables in the ritual for receiving the Calls. Based on what we know of the Tables, the ritual should be quite straightforward; There were 49 of these mysterious Tables, which consisted of a series of letters and were compiled into a ‘holy book’ called Loagaeth. These correspond to the 49 Keys or Calls of the Enochian system. Each Call acts as a “key” to “open the mysteries of creation”, and each “key” is for one of the “gates”.[viii] We know from Dee’s journals that the Calls were generated from the Tables. It would make logical sense, then, if each Call was received solely through the scrying of its respective Table. Yet, this does not seem to be what actually occurred.

In fact, the method Dee and Kelley used to receive the Calls seems slightly variable. At the very start of their communications, the angels generated the words of the Calls from the Tables. A very specific method was employed whereby the angel would direct Kelley to a series of letters that spanned across not one, but all of the Tables together. This is strange, as one would expect any one Call to merely be generated from its own Table and no other. In any case, this method was eventually discarded. Later, it appears as though the Tables were not being used at all; the angel known as Nalvage simply appeared in the scrying crystal to pull words and letters, quite literally, out of thin air.[ix]

It would seem, then, that the Tables are merely symbolic; talismanic representations of the 49 Gates that are opened by the Calls. Whether the Tables had any essential role in the ritual process for receiving the other 48 Calls is therefore doubtful. Still, I could have done worse than formulate a scrying ritual which, at the very least, included the Table which corresponded to the missing Call. That is, the First Table of Loagaeth.

The angels had this to say about the First Table: “I finde the soul of man hath no portion in this first Table…all the rest are of understanding”.[x] The First Table had in fact been given to Dee and Kelley earlier.[xi] Yet, as the above quote demonstrates, they were instructed not to use it. Just as humanity had been denied the final Enochian Key, so too were they forbidden from using its Table.

I would reconstruct this Table in order to use it as a focal point while scrying for the missing Call. But finding the First Table was by no means a straightforward exercise. Much like the Call to which it corresponds, the First Table was regarded as a ‘missing’ Table. It was never included in the original set of the Tables of Loagaeth constructed by Dee and Kelley; these are still on display in the British Museum, and only include the other 48 Tables. It is only very recently has there been compelling research which has uncovered the First Table and the instructions for its construction.[xii] It was these that I followed in my construction of the talismanic First Table.

No special instructions are given as to the construction of the First Table besides the letters to be used,[xiii] the arrangement of the letters into five triangles of twenty-one letters each,[xiv] and the further arrangement of those triangles so that three appeared on the front of the table while two appeared on the back.[xv] I therefore took a little artistic liberty when I constructed my version of the First Table for ritual use.

This is the text of the tablet according to John DeSalvo, PhD, who in turn based it on Dee’s original diaries. It is corroborated by one other source. It differs slightly from the letters recorded in A True and Faithful Relation. However, that volume is known to have transcription errors. The layout of the tablet is based on the instructions given by the angel Galvah.


Loagaeth tablet front





Working to receive the Missing Call of the Enochian system:

The Working I thus constructed to receive the missing Call was as follows:



Place the Holy Table in the centre of the room, positioned so that the Magician stands behind it facing East. Upon the Holy Table are to be the Seven Ensigns of Creation in their proper order.

Fig. 1: The Holy Table with the Seven Ensigns


In the centre of these – also upon the Holy Table – place the large Sigillum Dei Aemeth, and upon this mount the scrying crystal. Place the four smaller moulds of the Sigillum Dei Aemeth under the legs of the table upon which the Holy Table sits.

Fig. 2: The Sigillum Dei Aemeth


In addition, the First Table of Loagaeth should be mounted upright so that it appears directly behind the scrying crystal for the Seer.

The Magician is to play the role of both Seer and Scribe, so they must have pen and parchment with them. The Magician should also be wearing a white robe or alb, along with the Holy Lamen and Ring of Solomon.


Fig 3: The front-side of the Holy Lamen


Fig 4: The design on the Enochian Ring of Solomon




  • Banishing


  • The Magician kneels and reads from the penitential Psalms, thereby inflaming themselves in prayer (the penitential Psalms are Psalms 6, 32, 38, 51, 102, 130 and 143. This is according to the Hebrew numbering of the Psalms).
  • The Magician then prepares themselves for the scrying, and of its recording. Let one hand be held above the scrying stone while the other holds the pen, ready to record the session. Thus prepared, the scrying is commenced. The Call shall then be received, along with any additional communications from the angels.
  • Banishing


My execution of the Working:

I thought it wise to stay as close as I could to the traditional method of invocation and scrying used by Dee and Kelley. My one notable improvisation was the placement of the First Table of Loagaeth; Dee and Kelley give no specification as to the positioning of the Tables in their sessions, except to say that their image with its letters appears in the scrying crystal of Kelley. I thought the best symbolic placement of the First Table would therefore be directly behind the scrying crystal. Rather than utilising the letters on the Table itself, I used it solely as a sympathetic magickal link that would allow me to scry the crystal for the correct information.

The Call was transmitted to me word by word, and from the first word to the last. The words were given to me in Enochian, then translated into English later. This was in keeping with one of the formats in which Dee and Kelley received the original Calls.[xvi] I received the words of the missing Call by scrying the crystal, then immediately writing the result. My method for doing this was as follows: I had a piece of paper that had been divided into a grid. Every second row was left blank at first, while the rows above each of these were filled with Enochian words as they were received, one for each cell. (Later, I wrote the English translation of each word in the blank squares in every second row). One by one, each word of the Call came as a silent voice within my mind and I plotted them down according to the aforementioned format.

After I had done this, I received further communication from the angels:

The Call in its rudimentary form has been received.

There are many ways the Heavens might word Creation; many tongues might be moved by the same Spirit.

Have faith, therefore, that the Call is before you. The words will shake the Heavens as they were meant to.

I then received specific instructions on what to do with the words in the grid:

First, translate the words already known to Humankind; if a word be unknown, consult first your race’s knowledge. Failing that, turn to Us. Do this now. We will not depart from your sight until the Call is duly understood.

I acted accordingly. In the process I found I had received four new Enochian words. I asked the angels for the meaning of these during that same scrying session. The new Enochian words were as follows: Pal – ‘a crossing’, No-cama – ‘let them hear’, Zodo – ‘proven’, Pe – ‘great force’. Most of the words in the cells were recognisable Enochian, but some of them were misspelt. In all cases but one, the words I received were only one, two or three letters off an actual Enochian word, so the correction was simple.

The angels then instructed me in their two final corrections:

There is a single word kept hidden until the last hour. I give this to you. There is also another word moved.

I changed the Call that was before me accordingly, and upon doing so I was left with a complete, coherent piece of writing. After I had acted upon my final instructions I asked the angels if the Call was now duly compiled, to which they responded in the positive. I closed the ritual.

Directly after the ritual, I continued editing the Call. These changes were only grammatical and required no received instructions. I followed the same guidelines evident in the translation of other Calls into coherent sentences, including the adding of pronouns where they were needed.

Thus it was that I received the missing Call or Key of the Enochian system. I have written four different versions of this Key. The first is the original communicated in the Enochian language. The second is the ordinary translation of this first version from Enochian into English. The third is the Key written in both the Enochian language and Enochian script. The fourth and final version of the Key is a poetic rendition of the Call in the English. I wrote this version in order to provide the Call with the force of language appropriate to such an invocation. In contrast, the language of the Call in its original English translation was a bit clumsy for ritual purposes.

These four versions of the Key can be seen below:

The Final Key in the Enochian language

Pereji! No-cama, zod ol… zodirope. Niisa sonuf aainu pal pereji. “No-cama” casaremeji, abai, zil olanu. Madriax ta rior. Vaoan o zodo do pe malpereji. “NIISO!” casaremeji caosagi, cocasabe od IAD micalazoda. Zodameranu! Odo cicale qaa. Micama pal pereji!


The Final Key in English

Flames! Let them hear, They who make…that Were. Come you to reign amongst your crossing of flames. “Let them hear” to whom, stooping, stretch forth to have made. O you Heavens as a widow. Truth be proven in the great force of a through-thrusting fire. “Come away!” oh you to whom the earth, time and God are mighty. Show yourselves! Open the mysteries of your Creation. Behold the crossing of flames!


The Final Key in Enochian language and script:

49th key enochian script.png

A poetic rendition of the Final Key: 

Into the lustrous Empyrean flame

My prayer, now uttered, is carried away

With the flight of Spirit. Let them hear!

Those Ancient of Days for whom Earth is a dream.

Watchers by whose toil the real is Made

Come you to reign in the midst of your throne

Shining as bronze at the threshold of fire

Now breached; that celestial Empire.

“Let them hear!” that by grace we might be in your sight

Who in reverence stoop to gaze down at the world

With etheric hands stretched forth that they might

Make again as they did in the Age of First Light.

Heaven the widow. No more god consorts!

Yet firmament, fertile, still yields a new truth

Exciting the ray They now give further proof

Providing a force, through-thrusting, ablaze!

I say “come away!” that these things might be.

Come away you old Seraphs with wisdom to see

The might of the earth, and of time, and of God.

Show yourselves now! Move and appear!

And open the Mysteries of Creation!

Now I behold the Heavens exposed

Their gates ever-burning and so, too, my soul

Abandon the skies! Cross now to black earth

And in our communion be thou here with me!

Angels of Enoch, come now unto me!

Ascertaining the governing spirit of the Final Gate

It was not only necessary for me to receive the missing Call itself, but also to formulate a way of activating it. In the Gebofal ritual proposed by the Enochian angels, all 49 Calls seem to be treated as identical. It can therefore be surmised that the opening of any one Gate may be achieved through a method that has been used with success for the opening of others. With this in mind, I modelled the ritual for the opening of the missing Gate along the lines of the opening of the 30 Aethyrs. I prefaced the ritual with banishing and preparatory ablution, then read the Call as an invocation.

In my Enochian Apocalypse Working I was required to open all 49 Gates. To activate every Gate with the greatest possible effect, I had decided upon calling forth the respective ruling spirits at each Gate after having read out its Call proper. The ruling angels of both the 30 Aethyrs and the 18 lower Calls are already well-known in Enochian lore. My task now was to determine whether there was any such governing spirit or spirits that could be called upon to assist in opening the final Gate. In fact, there is an odd inconsistency in the Enochian system which led me to believe the governing spirit of the missing Call was already hidden in plain sight.

The names of the governors for each of the Enochian Aethyrs are taken from what is called the ‘parts of the earth’ system. There are three governors for each of the 30 Aethyrs, except for the Aethyr of TEX which possesses four governors. The letters of these 91 names are arranged in a series of patterns across the Great Table of the Earth; a table of letters that is used extensively in Enochian magick. What is curious about this system is that there are not 91, but 92 parts of the earth; after 91 sets of consecutive letters has been traced to form one of 91 names on the Great Table of the Earth, seven more untraced letters remain scattered across the table. When combined, these letters spell out the name: PARAOAN.

PARAOAN is in fact assigned as a governor to one of the Aethyrs; in Dee’s diary, he is assigned to the 22nd Aethyr. Yet inexplicably, another of the angels whose complete name does appear on the Great Table of the Earth is excluded from the list of governors for the Aethyrs (that is, the angel known as LAXDIZI). This has led some to conclude that the name of LAXDIZI should appear as a governor of the 22nd Aethyr in place of PARAOAN, who is instead to be regarded as relating to some other, ‘hidden’ part of the Enochian system.[xvii] This theory is supported by the fact that Dee has listed PARAOAN as touching a particular part of the earth whereas elsewhere, the Angels allude to the fact that PARAOAN may touch any part of the earth.[xviii]

During my research, it became my very strong suspicion that PARAOAN – the missing Angelic governor – is in fact the governor of the missing Enochian Gate. If this were the case it would complete the Enochian system; each of the 49 Gates would have an angelic name or names associated with it, and each of these names would fit into the Great Table of the Earth like pieces of a puzzle, completing it.

My suspicions about PARAOAN being the angel of the final Gate were all but confirmed when I read the communications which the angels had given to Dee and Kelley regarding PARAOAN. They said that “Every letter in Paraoan is a living fire, but all of one quality and one creation. But unto N is delivered a viol of destruction”. Any part of the world by which this was touched would “be consumed with fire and swallowed into hell, as Sodom was for wickedness”. The angels then added that “The end of all things is even at hand. And the earth must be purified and delivered to another”.[xix] The references to both a living, all-consuming fire and the ‘end of all things’ fit very closely with the final Gate and that with which it is associated; the opening of the final Gate is considered a herald of the End Times. What’s more, the nature of the realm behind this Gate is very much one of Heavenly fire; this was revealed to me with the reception both of the missing Call itself and of the vision I received upon opening the final gate. The language of the Call is an especially incredible coincidence. It speaks extensively of fire, yet I had no prior knowledge of the meanings of the Enochian words I was receiving.

I have therefore concluded that PARAOAN is the governor of that terminal Heavenly realm opened by the Final Key. This is due to the fact that both are ‘missing’ portents of the complex Enochian system, and both are associated with similar symbolism of all-consuming fire as well as the end of the world.

The Ritual for using the missing Call

When at last I engaged in the Enochian Apocalypse Working, and the time had come to employ the missing Call, I used the following method:

  • Banishing


  • The Magician anoints themselves with the Holy Water of Solomon


  • The Magician reads the Prayer of Enoch[xx]


  • The Magician reads the Final Call in English (poetic rendering preferable)


  • The Magician reads the Final Call in the original Enochian


  • The name of the governor, PARAOAN, is intoned


  • Scrying using the crystal


  • Banishing

(All standard Enochian regalia are present for the opening of this Gate, as with the rest of the Enochian Apocalypse Working)

Result: The nature of the vision of the final Gate

The omnipresent fire

From the very beginning of my scrying session until the end, the vision was filled with a raging fire. It was no ordinary fire; within the churning inferno there existed every possible form at once. It is hard to completely describe this with any further worldly analogy or comparison. I got the impression that the fire was not only omnipresent, but somehow contained unlimited knowledge concerning existence. So much energy was being radiated by the inferno that the whole realm was permeated by extreme heat and light.

The Mystery of the Trinity

The angels elaborated on the meaning of the Trinity, which they defined as the Father, the Mother and the Child. The inherent unity of these three was partly due to the fact that the rigid dichotomy of father, mother and child was too limited and therefore a falsehood. This truth was communicated as the claim that the father contained elements of the mother and the child, while the mother was also father and child and the child was in turn both father and mother. In a more abstract sense, the three of the trinity are simultaneously one not merely because they are simultaneously individual units as well as part of a greater whole, but also because each unit of the trinity is identical to the others, since each contains aspects of the other two.

Encountering and confronting God

While I was in this final Enochian realm, I met with God himself. The being I met with was a radical departure from the Christian idea of God; he was in fact a villain and impostor to true Divinity. What’s more, he took on a visible form as a giant eye.

God was not a pleasant being to encounter. He was wrathful and tyrannical. He told me I had no right to enter his house, and threatened me with punishment if I did not leave immediately. The tone in his voice immediately reminded me of Choronzon, which leads me to believe that the God we know either is Choronzon himself or else is a being remarkably like Choronzon. That is, he is a gatekeeper who prevents us from touching a higher order of Divinity unless we can overcome him.

I knew this so-called God was false because I was able to apply the wisdom I had received from entering through the previous Gates. The parallels between this God and Choronzon were undeniable. Meanwhile, I had already been shown a true, transcendent Divinity in the highest of the Aethyrs. On the other hand, the God I saw was like any other lower spirit in manner. I realised that his lording over this, the highest of places, was a gross abomination. I knew also that like every malevolent and unwelcome spirit, he must be exorcised. In the vision I therefore proceeded to banish God from the realm, after which I saw the great eye being cast down into the all-consuming flame. I thereafter found myself standing alone and unrivalled where God had once been.

The unity of Heaven and Earth

I was then given another mystery: Heaven is in the earth and the earth is in Heaven. There is really no distinction between the two save as artificial categorisations. After all, everything in existence is One.

Becoming one’s own Messiah

I was then told of the doctrine of self-Christhood; we must reject the idea of an external, universal messiah and instead proclaim ourselves the messiah. Yet, since there can be no external or universal messiah, we are merely the saviours of ourselves. Since this exercising of our own Christhood takes place in real-time, it is more authentic than the placing of faith in a mythical saviour figure. As it is more authentic, it is also more spiritually true. The achieving of self-Christhood therefore supplants all existing messiahs. In order to achieve such a state of being, it is necessary to become fully identified with the vision of the Cosmic Christ.

It strikes me that there is nothing new about this particular insight, which is popular in the modern New Age movement and has been espoused in one form or another since at least the time of the Rosicrucians. I believe the angels saw fit to reveal this truth to me regardless, and it is for two reasons. Firstly, this idea of becoming as the Cosmic Christ is so integral to the final Gate that it couldn’t not be communicated. Secondly, the angels made it clear that such a state of consciousness could only be achieved by gaining insight into “the full mystery of this place”, that is the realm of the final Gate.

The Mystery of the End of Time

The finding of fulfilment in the highest spiritual truth, and therefore in Cosmic Christhood, would achieve a liberation that is timeless. Such fulfilment therefore represents the defeat of time and is thus the true definition of the ‘End of Time’.

The revelation was only superficial in nature

As I explored the realm of this Gate, I got the impression that its full mystery was so vast that my short scrying session on that day was not sufficient to plumb the complete depths of its knowledge. The insights I did receive serve as a mere synopsis of the kind of ineffable wisdom offered in that realm.


I have discovered the missing Call of the Enochian system of magick, sweeping away 400 years of obfuscation and making possible the completion of the Gebofal ritual. This is a bold claim indeed, yet that which I have written on the topic provides proof to support my claim on a number of counts. Firstly, it demonstrates that I have compiled a ritual that was an appropriate means for uncovering the missing Call. Secondly, I have given an honest account of the communication that followed the employing of this ritual; one which is in keeping with the manner by which the first 48 Calls were originally communicated to Dee and Kelley. Thirdly, I have made the authenticity of this Call evident by using it in a scrying session. The vision I received as a result is precisely what one would expect from crossing the final Gate of the Enochian system. But the greatest proof of this Call’s veracity is its use in my successful completing of the whole Enochian Apocalypse Working, which has been detailed in another article.

But if the missing Call is the final invocation of the Gebofal ritual, this is not its only use. It may yet be used to further penetrate the highest Enochian Heaven – beyond even the Aethyrs – in order to partake of the most sublime knowledge that is contained within. Therefore, may the magician use this final Enochian Call to open the mysteries of Creation further than they have ever been opened before.

Fr. Sorath


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Picture references:

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The Art and Science of Magick

This is an article of mine that was originally published in The Hierophant, which is the journal of the OTO’s Camp 777. I wrote this article as I tried to grapple with an explanation as to exactly what magick is and why it works. The Art and Science of Magick was published in the first issue of the journal, which is available for purchase online via

It is a strange practise. Robes are donned in a dim room where candlelight and incense make for an atmosphere pregnant with feeling. Intonations in otherworldly language cause an altered state of consciousness to surface. Spirits are summoned and a single-minded intent is dramatised, all in an effort to effect some change in the world. Yet, there are some who have spent years practising Magick, with commitment and an open mind, who would swear by it. Practitioners of the occult profess that Magick is not only real, but reaps incredible results. This has been my own experience and the experience of countless others who travel the same path.

The true enigma of Magick lies in how or why it works. Is it simply an inner change? A kind of self-created confirmation bias where a new mental state is adopted that affects the way one interacts with the world? Or is there also some mysterious objective force behind Magickal Workings? If the latter is true, can such a process be explained? Many practising occultists struggle with these questions throughout their lives. This article will represent my own attempt to wrestle the proverbial angel. For the benefit of those new to this mystery, I will begin by defining Magick itself.

The Way That Magick Manifests

The way in which Magick unfolds is not as simplistic as popular culture makes out. It is not a matter of waving a wand to create some immediate effect, such as physically transforming an object or blasting away obstacles with bolts of energy. Change wrought by this kind of Magick would require a vast amount of energy to be drawn almost out of nowhere. So much, in fact, that the actual laws of physics would not allow for it.

It is a misnomer to call Magick ‘supernatural’, for the true forces of Magick do not defy, nor exist outside, the known laws of nature. They are merely aspects of nature that are not commonly understood.

Magick operates at a more subtle level of existence which can nonetheless influence the physical laws of nature. Very little energy output is required to effect change in such a way. Magick operates in the realm of probability, uncertainty and, of course, the Chaos principle. In such a field only a small change is needed in the right place, at the right time, before the laws of causality are thrust onto an entirely different course.

Magick causes a series of such small changes which, by ‘chance’, lead to exactly the right sequence of events needed to produce a much greater change. The Magickal process is applied to the everyday environment in which the magician lives. For example, a spell might be cast to prompt a certain item of lost clothing or jewellery to appear. The object in question will not spontaneously materialise, but the magician is likely to find it in a most unexpected manner, and not long after the spell has been cast. Everyone has experienced synchronicity at some stage in their lives. Most people have a passive relationship with such episodes; they simply happen by accident. When Magick is used, synchronous events are deliberately Willed into existence.

Internal and External Effects of Magick

Is there a straightforward explanation for the Willed synchronicity that is Magick? Those who accept Magick’s existence, but who are nonetheless of a more sceptical mind, would claim Magick is only a subjective phenomenon; merely an inner psychological change that makes the world seem to follow a new pattern.

The spirits might be petitioned for love, confidence, or inspired knowledge in any given example of a magickal Working. In each case, the accessing and re-tuning of the subconscious mind is sufficient for explaining how a result can then be manifested; to convince one’s self of being inspired, confident or attractive to others is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If there is enough of a belief that one has such qualities, the belief itself will convince others of its truth until the fantasy becomes reality. The command to change one’s behaviour in the desired way needs only to be implanted strongly and deeply enough in the subconscious. The language of symbol is utilised in order to achieve this.

Every element of Magick’s rituals is tailored to the inner world. Its ceremonies are designed to align the mind with certain archetypal forces. These archetypes are invoked as ‘gods’ or ‘spirits’, and can be regarded as hidden aspects of the human psyche. Colours, tools and incense all contribute to the creation of such an environment. Mantras and similar exercises initiate more direct contact with these archetypes than is normally possible. This is achieved as the conscious mind is lulled by trance and the subconscious mind – where the powerful archetypal symbols lie – can be accessed directly and without interference from the turbulence of ordinary thought. The newly surfaced mode of thought is then thrust into actualisation by a forceful assertion of intent.

So much of what befalls one in life is determined by the behaviour of others, and so much of human behaviour can be influenced by subconscious suggestions barely detectable by the rational outer shell of the mind. In my own experience, about 90% of all Magick can, admittedly, be explained in terms of deep psychology. However, there is that other 10% of cases which cannot be so easily explained.

Sometimes during my own magickal workings, things have happened which are so profound that they have taken my breath away. During such times it was clear to me that my experiences were not simply occurring in my own head; that some strange power was acting upon the outside world. There have been times where the end of a ritual has been accompanied by the appearance of an ethereal mist. I have been in divination sessions that have led to an accurate prediction of future events, including the names of places not previously known to me.

Other times it has been the simple fact that a magickal operation fulfils its purpose so seamlessly that has marvelled me most; a portentous event occurs in the physical world which I have no ordinary control over. Yet that very event represents the perfect fulfilment of my stated intent, playing out in real-time; a spell is cast to summon rain and it rains the very next day. A spell to lessen the amount of busy travelling in life leads to a car breaking down for the first time ever. One such event would represent something incredible, yet occultists who have been practising for years can reproduce similar events throughout their lives.

If Magick was merely a form of deep psychology, its existence might have been easier to accept. If it weren’t for those rare and exceptional cases, Magick would indeed begin and end in the microcosm of the human mind. However, there is some paranormal aspect to Magick’s manifestation. The symbolic narrative conceived in the ritual chamber is somehow mimicked in the outside world. It is as if the universe were some vast computerised machine, with the right pattern of thought serving as a programming language that can hack the system.

The outward, phenomenal effect of Magick may be less visible than the psychological effects with which it runs in tandem. But to ignore it completely would be irresponsible. Of course, to make such an incredible claim of the art and science of Magick is to take upon one’s self a heavy burden of proof.

“The Aim of Religion, the Method of Science”

It is easy for a magician to convince themselves of Magick’s existence. On the other hand, it is considerably more difficult to prove the results of Magick to others. The outcome of a ritual will often occur in the magician’s own private life, rather than any environment where a controlled peer review might be possible. The results of Magick can themselves be unpredictable and therefore difficult to measure in a logical manner. What’s more, the observation of any occult operation by outsiders can itself have an impact on that operation. In Magick, the power of pure Will is everything. If an observer brings a doubtful intent with them to a ritual, that doubt will affect the result.

Of course, the failure to prove something empirically does not mean that thing cannot possibly exist, and to claim otherwise is itself a fallacy. An explorer sees a strange animal thought to be long-since extinct. They may well fail to document the creature, but their experience was no less real. One merely needs to conduct magickal exercises with a discerning mind so that the result is unmistakably authentic, and there is the evidence. It is merely evidence for the individual, rather than society. As Aleister Crowley proclaimed, “success is thy proof”.

It is highly unlikely that Magick will be proven in a way that is respectable to modern science anytime soon. A magician must therefore rely upon their own personal exploration to discover evidence. Crowley formulated an important motto of ‘Scientific Illuminism’ for this very reason. The motto itself reads “The aim of religion, the method of science”, and was designed to guarantee that Crowley’s own students would explore the occult in the light of reason rather than superstition. Essentially, this means applying the scientific method to spiritual practise. It also means meticulously documenting each experience for review in the form of a magickal record. It is this credo of Scientific Illuminism which must be followed if the individual wishes to navigate through the strange country that is Magick.

A Universe Where Magick is Possible

Any endeavour to prove the external reality of Magick is not limited to the citing of specific examples. It is also necessary to address the more overarching question as to why Magick can happen in the first place; a question which would likewise need to be answered within the parameters of science.

Modern scientific theory does not disqualify Magick from the possibility of existence. Beyond the pale of the universal model proposed by classical physics – in which everything in existence is fixed, predictable and deterministic –another level of reality has been suggested in the field of quantum physics. It has become a cliche to attempt explaining supernatural phenomena via quantum mechanics. Though pseudoscientific misinterpretations of prevailing quantum theories abound, there is nonetheless good reason to draw parallels between the paranormal and the quantum world. This is most vividly illustrated by the strange behaviour of subatomic particles under quantum theory; particles that tunnel in and out of reality, that exist as a probability rather than a definite thing, that can influence another particle instantly, regardless of how separated they are by time and space.

How has physics tried to explain this? Some scientists, such as theorietical physicist David Bohm, have speculated that in addition to our own solid order of existence, there is another, higher order that lies above and outside our reality, and from which our reality emanates. In this so-called ‘Implicate Order’, there are no definite forms. Instead, everything has been dissolved into a unified cosmic ocean of infinite probability that is everywhere at once and from which anything in our own ‘Explicate Order’ can potentially manifest. Feedback can and does occur between the two realms, with the Implicate Order being highly sensitive to vibratory patterns from our Explicate Order. It has even been suggested that consciousness itself could arise from the Implicate Order or, at the very least, behave in a similar way to it.

It is not my intention to take a no-holds-barred approach to these scientific theories of the quantum world. Such theories as these, like any theory, must be understood and applied carefully. The existence of the quantum world and/or Implicate Order does not mean any miracle is possible in our reality. There are physical factors to consider beside the theory itself. After all, any strangeness in our universe is still limited by the laws of nature with which it interacts. Quantum theories may or may not explain Magick. It is all conjecture, but the fact that existence can include quantum dynamics and perhaps even an Implicate Order does prove one point: Such an incredible thing as Magick is indeed possible.

Ultimately, however, science alone cannot bring a full appreciation of Magick and its significance to bear. Magick is, after all, both a science and an art. Its methods share much in common with science, but in its utility it is much more like art. Magick is a highly subjective, highly personal expression of human creativity whereby life itself is the canvas.


Where the Fundamental Truth of Magick Lies

Magick itself does not operate according to pure logic, but unfolds from the realm of uncertainty. Indeed, much of the Universe has now been found to contain uncertainty. It is no longer possible to categorise everything in existence according to definite categories of ‘true’ or ‘false’. Reality contains some illogical quirks, and acts of Magick may be counted among them.

That which holds the most fascination for the mind is not the recalling of already known facts, but speculation about what is not yet known. It is the millennia-old mystery behind Magick that renders it so fascinating to human beings even in modern times.

Magick and its full effect cannot be proven empirically, at least not beyond an individual level. Any explanation for it is only bound by logic up to a certain point. This does not, however, compromise the intrinsic truth of Magick for those who practise it. For, though its effects may indeed be external, the usefulness of Magick is not rooted in its ability to ‘make things happen’. Instead, the central goal of Magick is still grounded upon an inner change. It is the deconstruction of a limited sense of self beholden to accidental circumstance. In its place is embraced the liberating notion that the human Will is a source of godlike power that can potentially accomplish anything. The experience of using Magick to change one’s own life in an extraordinary manner opens the Self up to the possibility of becoming something more; of becoming nothing less than Divine. The shortest explanation as to what makes Magick work, then, is really quite simple: It is the unlimited belief in your own Power.

Fr. Sorath


CE-5 Contact Continues Unabated

This article builds upon the previous one of its kind, detailing additional CE-5-related experiences I have had since that fateful night of witnessing the first of the lights in the sky…


The days immediately following my initiation of the Protocols


In light of my first successful CE-5 experience, I went outside over two of the following days and witnessed phenomena again on both of those nights. It had been my intention to perform the Protocols again, yet on the two nights I saw something I had not even performed the meditation for contact. I had merely sat down in the same location I was in on January 26th.


The first such experience took place just after midnight on January 29th. I had just sat down when I saw an unmistakable single flash of bright, golden light above me.


The very next night I went out to the contact location again. I then saw a display of lights more impressive than anything I have seen since. I had not yet sat down when I saw two orbs, in close proximity, travelling across the sky. One was very large and bright while the other was faint, although at one stage the brighter light suddenly grew dimmer. They flew in a straight line but in a formation diagonal to one another, moving seamlessly and maintaining exactly the same distance from each other at all times. It was as if they ought to be fixed to a singular moving structure, yet no such structure existed. It seemed as though the lights were very close to me this time. As they moved away they eventually faded off over the horizon.


I spent the following two minutes just enjoying that profound moment, not expecting any further contact. Then, in some distant sky, yet another phenomenon occurred. It was a light similar to the one I had seen on January 26th, but this one was moving from left to right across the sky. Like that previous light, it flashed on occasion. It was even more aerodynamic than the first light I had called up; at one stage it changed direction rapidly, shooting straight up!


The light was very distant and difficult to discern, yet it appeared to be disappearing and rematerialising as it travelled. It would become bright, then suddenly appear slightly to the side of where it had just been. It was the effect one sees when an old film is being watched and a few frames are skipped.


At the end of that experience I was elated. I just sat there enjoying the beauty of space. I was filled with the desire to join those beings in the wider universe.


More appearances


The lights have never ceased appearing from the moment I engaged in my very first CE-5 contact with them. Sometimes they will appear on the night of a CE-5 meditation, other times on the following night. At other times, they simply appear with no prompting at all, at the exact moment I am looking up at the sky and in my exact line of sight. I will report on a few of the more notable sightings I have had over the past months; it is my intention to document as much as I can.


During the months of February and March I had three experiences that left a strong impression on me. The first such experience took place at my usual contact point, which seems to be strengthened as a mental conduit to the beings with every new request of their presence. On that occasion I saw what looked like an extremely bright shooting star, only it moved diagonally upward through the atmosphere. As this occurred, I only caught a glimpse of it in the corner of my eye. Yet, when I turned to look directly at where it had been, a trail of light had been left behind. This trail remained visible for a few seconds before fading.


I had seen another phenomenon during that period which occurred not once but twice. What I saw was a repetition of the fast-moving, bright planet-like object moving across the sky that had initially spurred me to begin engaging in the Protocols. What made these two particular instances unique, however, was that the objects were clearly flying at a much lower altitude. I know this because I saw them as they moved through faint cloud cover. There was no noise as they passed overhead, and again, no navigation lights to indicate an aircraft were visible. I saw this same phenomenon twice more in August. The second such experience was different to the previous ones; the light shone in a bright blue colour and moved extremely slowly, almost hovering in the sky. It remained there for about a minute before disappearing.


A closer contact


One other very impressive appearance of the lights occurred on April 28th. I had engaged in CE-5 the night before on Sunday, inviting the UFOs to manifest on Monday night. I only went outside for a brief time on the Monday night, but in that short window of time I saw two phenomena. The first was quite unremarkable. In fact, at first I was sure it was only a satellite. It was only when its flight trajectory began to curve dramatically before it faded away in the middle of the night sky that I began wondering whether it was something more.


I decided to stay outside to see if anything else would show up, and I was not disappointed. In the sky I once again saw the periodic flash phenomenon. This time, however, it seemed much closer and lasted for longer. Whatever object was giving off the flashes (it wasn’t visible to the naked eye), it was moving upward extremely rapidly. The flashes appeared subsequent to one another in a definite zig-zagging pattern. Eventually, the light veered onto a new course travelling diagonally upward, after which the flashes gradually grew dimmer until there was nothing.


As time has gone by the lights have been appearing closer to me, as if they are growing more comfortable with my presence. My eyes have been opened to the existence of the lights and now a beautiful, deep relationship with them is gradually developing.


The search continues


Now that I have repeatedly seen the light-beings, and clearly established some kind of permanent connection with them, I cannot return to the previous paradigm in which I operated. I can no longer take for granted that the existence of other sentient life-forms among us is a mere fallacy or at the most, a possibility. A new and exciting form of life has revealed that it shares this cosmos with us. I am desperate for more answers about what exactly these beings are and why they are here. Is there any reason at all? How long have they been here? And why have they contacted me of all people?


I have some theories of my own, but they are only in their developmental stage. In the meantime I must continue my search for knowledge on this subject by whatever means are available to me. I cannot be certain of anything yet, but my hunch is that whatever information may be revealed about these beings will prove to be of the utmost importance to the future of our spiritual development…and of our civilisation as a whole.



Fr. Sorath